Vaginitis (itis = inflammation) is an inflammatory process of the vaginal mucosa is usually accompanied by an increase in vaginal discharge.

Among the most common reasons that can cause vaginitis, we found low levels of estrogen. As during menstrual cycles, lower estrogen concentrations in the body triggers certain physiological and chemical changes in the genital area.

When estrogen is important lowered or maintained over time, the inflammation of the vagina occurs due to thinning and a decrease in tissue lubrication, which also allows the growth of bacterial and fungal infections.
For vaginitis caused by low estrogen levels, your doctor may prescribe estrogen cream or a vaginal ring that releases estrogen in your body and other medications such as birth control pills to control estrogen levels. In cases of menopause, hormone replacement treatments helps avoid vaginitis.

Some tips to minimize swelling
During the treatment of vaginitis ...

Tampons or pads.
In general, you should do what is most comfortable for you. If you insert suppositories or pessaries for treatment, before bedtime, do not use tampons. Otherwise, the buffer can absorb the drug. It's okay to use tampons during the day of your period - especially towards the end of treatment.
Some women wear pads or panty liners to help keep the medication from draining to clothing. Others find irritating. If you're wondering what to do, consult your health care provider for advice.

It is better not to have sex while you have vaginitis. Intercourse - or other kinds of sex play - can be uncomfortable or painful. Having sex can also worsen your symptoms and make your treatment less effective.

Take your medicine even if you have your period. Some vaginitis infections can grow quickly in menstrual flow.


There are foods that alter the vaginal odor. Either by altering the pH, which can promote the growth of a pathogen and cause an infection, either for the same food. 

It is known that highly favor the infection any sugary foods and meat from animals treated with hormones (which are those that are not raised organically can also affect hormone balance.

If you read on you will find a list of foods that alter the taste and smell of the vagina. 

- The snuff, drugs and alcohol make secretions become bitter. 

- Red meat, asparagus, broccoli, spinach and some vitamins make the flavor becomes salty. 

- Dairy products such as cheese and milk also give a salty touch. 

- Eat only vegetables, other than those of the cabbage family such as cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus, improve the taste of secretions; especially celery. 

- Parsley and celery are great to sweeten your intimate area. 

- Food with cinnamon, mint and lemon also gives a sweet touch to secretions. 

- Eating fruits like pineapple, papaya, blueberry, melon, mango, apple and pear sweetens the taste of secretions. The sugar may also counteract flavor changes caused by the drink and cigar.


In homeopathy, there are remedies to relieve pain and discomfort caused by cystitis: painful urination, burning, itching, weakness, fever, itching, odor, discoloration of urine, etc ... Here are some of the remedies homeopathic most used. 

Aconitum apellus: A remedy that is used to urinate when this sting less painful or less. 

Apis: This remedy comes in handy when you do not stop and pee pee. As such, when cystitis urinate frequently suffers because it helps expel the agent. However, if it stings a lot, especially at the end of urination, Apis is phenomenal. 

Belladonna: If the Apis is able to reduce urinary frequency, Belladonna can make urination less painful. It is also a remedy if there is a voiding with a small amount of blood in the urine, but in any case you should see a doctor for a review. 

Berberis vulgaris: Another remedy for the typical pain of cystitis and burning that extends to the urethra. It also serves to evacuate all the urine, you do not run into the urethra and can irritate even more. Feeling disappears remaining drops of urine into the urethra. 

Other remedies for painful urination, irritation and itching, are: 

Cantharis, Boorax, Umbellata Chimaphila, Clematis, Equisetum, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica or Sarsaparilla.

What dose should I take?

After selecting the remedy that most closely matches our symptoms, we should note that as a general rule, if we self-medicate, we must start with the lowest dose of power. Power increases in the following scale: 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, or 30C.

The instructions should be read and if possible, ask for advice or naturopathic doctor pharmacist.

Many doctors suggest that homeopathic remedies can begin to be as follows: Take one dose and wait for a response. If no improvement is seen, continue to wait and let the remedy action. If you begin to feel better, you can take another dose. The dose frequency varies with the condition and the individual. Sometimes a dose several times per hour may be required; Other times may be indicated doses several times a day; and in some situations, a dose per day (or less) may be sufficient.

If this is not effective within a reasonable period of time, select a different remedy.

In general, these remedies have no contraindications, however, if other drugs are taken or illness you suffer, it should inform the doctor.


When we talk about herpes, usually referring to infection by certain types of fungi, and is a plural because there is only herpes simplex (more known as genital herpes), there are other types of herpes such as herpes zoster and other. However, genital herpes or herpes simplex is the most common and which we take as a reference for writing this article.

The virus that causes cold sores is type II (herpes simplex virus, or herpes virus hominis), there is also the type I, but this is usually presented in the upper body and lips and mouth. In contrast, type II in genital area, anus, buttocks even lower abdomen.

How is it spread? 

The herpes simplex virus is transmitted by contact. The virus can be released through the skin or by breaking ulcers shed virus. Therefore, with simple contact, through sexual intercourse or genital contact with an infected person, it is easy to catch.

How do we know if a person is infected? 

Hard to say. However, before the appearance of a visible sores, the area is often quite red, and itching. The infection process differs in two stages: the active (when there are visible sores) and proactive (itching and tingling feeling in areas that were later affected by sores).

A few tips: 

Since it is a virus, bactericidal creams have no effect, in fact can hurt even more infection. Also avoid cortisone creams that prevent our immune system mobilize and fight infection.

Avoid scratching. Typically, if you damage the scratching a sore, an ulcer, the virus could spread to another area and we will be making the problem worse. Put a band-aid to prevent this. If we touch the infected area, wash your hands well before and after.

Loose-fitting cotton clothing. We'll have to avoid clothes that squeeze us, irritate us, or "us scrape". It is best to use natural linen garments that are kinder and is loose to better ventilate the area.

Thoroughly dried. After a swim in the pool, on the beach is convenient not stay long with the wet suit. Coming out of the shower we dry off well. We will only use a washcloth to the area, and no harm will rub for no infection.

Watch your diet and avoid stress. Occasionally, the infection develops when the body feels weak. If we eat a lot of junk food or have a lot of stress, our immune system weakens.


In addition to the drugs and the above mentioned tips, you can dip into the following home remedies.

  1. Place them in a bag, or covered with a cloth some ice to apply in the area. 
  2. Rice flour or cornstarch serves to reduce itch. Just apply it on the area. 
  3. Prepare an infusion of tea (black or green). When we feel cold, bathe and soak a cotton pad with this area. 
  4. We can apply the same remedy above but substituting marshmallow tea. 
  5. A home remedy is to spend a grandmother garlic until sting area. Then wash with cool water. 
  6. Apply to the skin Aloe Vera or Aloe for dry wounds.

Contraceptives and cystitis.

Although not stated, to prevent people stop buying and using them, there is a high probability that if you have recurrent cystitis, may have something to do with the birth control you're using. If for example you have been to the doctor, you have taken antibiotics, other medicines, you have varied food and keep hygienic and healthy habits, and yet still with recurrent infections is likely due to the contraceptive method you use to protect yourself. You can try it for a few days just changing to a different birth control.

It is known to use the diaphragm may compress the passage between the bladder and uterus (cervix). If this happens it is easy to be injured, causing inflammation that can press the urinary tract, preventing the passage of urine and favoring infection. 

Another example is the spermicide. Causing imbalances in the vaginal flora which can lead to an infection. It can cause vaginal damage and some people are allergic.

Speaking of allergies, it's easy to find people who are allergic to latex, both male and female condoms. In this case it would be appropriate to use for a few minutes on latex gloves and produces some kind of allergic reaction, we can change it for other materials.

Finally, if you take birth control pills, do not think you are saved. Often many women have urinary tract infections recurring since starting the contraceptive treatment. And if you then have to follow a treatment for antibiotic to "attack" the infection, it is likely that this may affect the effectiveness of the pills.

So you know, with recurrent cystitis, you might consider whether it will be because you use contraception (condoms, birth control pills, IUD, diaphragm, etc ...). And change it or just leave it for a while to be sure.


Drink plenty of water when we suffer from cystitis is beneficial ... but really is that this is a remedy that is to drink water and I did not know until now. But, I decided to make a mention of this type of treatment for cystitis (and many other evils), but according to wikipedia does not produce any improvement, because it is a pseudoscientific method.

 Magnetized water is sold, but we can "make". Just get the right, such as magnets magnets (Auris), for example. Each evening a pot or a water bottle between the two magnets, so that it is within the magnetic field produced between them is placed. The next day and get a magnetized water ... But, should not be heated and therefore not suitable for cooking.

Auris founder comments on the benefits of this wonderful water "Water magnetized by its strong ability of hydration, prevents the accumulation of waste excretion, deposition in the vessel walls, congestion of organs, kidney stones removed, lower cholesterol and diabetes, combats constipation, liver or biliary disease, promotes weight loss, fatigue and lack of power struggle, prevent injury during exercise and improve physical performance. "

The theoretical explanation is that the electrons of the minerals in the water are arranged and therefore not accumulate between them. Thereby facilitating the absorption of minerals and producing improvements in those parts of the body that absorb. This is what I understand, either, without being an expert, one understood better.

Vaginismus and psychological reasons

Vaginismus is a problem suffered by women who have difficult to enjoy sex without pain. If you feel pain during intercourse, possibly due to a physical problem: infection, latex allergy, inflammation for some reason, rough masturbation, etc ... but after making an examination by a health professional, it is found that there is no physical reason to produce vaginismus, one must ask if there are emotional reasons that we are creating this problem.

There are many psychological reasons that can end vaginismus, and all have a common origin, fear: Fear of a possible pregnancy, fear of pain, fear of a repeat or remember a traumatic situation, insecurity or fear of not being liked, etc ... another less obvious fear and cover up with reasons is the fear of not meeting the standards imposed on us. This is called guilt and occurs in very restrictive families in extremely repressive sexist or religious societies. But you have to remove the blame when something unfair because we can enjoy our body and pleasure ... in fact, intercourse has many benefits for our body keeps you younger you produce the happy hormones, your skin and hair taking a healthier color, you relieve stress, prevent heart disease, oxygenates the body, etc. ... alfo that brings many benefits can not be bad.

Fear has the ability to "close" our bodies, in every way, but in this particular case, produces the contraction of the vaginal walls and lack of lubrication. If the vaginal walls contract, the penetration will cause pain.

The first step to overcoming vaginismus when caused by emotional causes, is to talk with your partner. You need to be aware of your insecurities. There is a saying that when you share the joys are multiplied by two, and penalties are split in half. And it is true that the first thing to do is take it out on the closest person. Once taken this step, you will see that you've taken a great weight off and from that moment everything will start to get better.
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