Drink plenty of water when we suffer from cystitis is beneficial ... but really is that this is a remedy that is to drink water and I did not know until now. But, I decided to make a mention of this type of treatment for cystitis (and many other evils), but according to wikipedia does not produce any improvement, because it is a pseudoscientific method.

 Magnetized water is sold, but we can "make". Just get the right, such as magnets magnets (Auris), for example. Each evening a pot or a water bottle between the two magnets, so that it is within the magnetic field produced between them is placed. The next day and get a magnetized water ... But, should not be heated and therefore not suitable for cooking.

Auris founder comments on the benefits of this wonderful water "Water magnetized by its strong ability of hydration, prevents the accumulation of waste excretion, deposition in the vessel walls, congestion of organs, kidney stones removed, lower cholesterol and diabetes, combats constipation, liver or biliary disease, promotes weight loss, fatigue and lack of power struggle, prevent injury during exercise and improve physical performance. "

The theoretical explanation is that the electrons of the minerals in the water are arranged and therefore not accumulate between them. Thereby facilitating the absorption of minerals and producing improvements in those parts of the body that absorb. This is what I understand, either, without being an expert, one understood better.

Vaginismus and psychological reasons

Vaginismus is a problem suffered by women who have difficult to enjoy sex without pain. If you feel pain during intercourse, possibly due to a physical problem: infection, latex allergy, inflammation for some reason, rough masturbation, etc ... but after making an examination by a health professional, it is found that there is no physical reason to produce vaginismus, one must ask if there are emotional reasons that we are creating this problem.

There are many psychological reasons that can end vaginismus, and all have a common origin, fear: Fear of a possible pregnancy, fear of pain, fear of a repeat or remember a traumatic situation, insecurity or fear of not being liked, etc ... another less obvious fear and cover up with reasons is the fear of not meeting the standards imposed on us. This is called guilt and occurs in very restrictive families in extremely repressive sexist or religious societies. But you have to remove the blame when something unfair because we can enjoy our body and pleasure ... in fact, intercourse has many benefits for our body keeps you younger you produce the happy hormones, your skin and hair taking a healthier color, you relieve stress, prevent heart disease, oxygenates the body, etc. ... alfo that brings many benefits can not be bad.

Fear has the ability to "close" our bodies, in every way, but in this particular case, produces the contraction of the vaginal walls and lack of lubrication. If the vaginal walls contract, the penetration will cause pain.

The first step to overcoming vaginismus when caused by emotional causes, is to talk with your partner. You need to be aware of your insecurities. There is a saying that when you share the joys are multiplied by two, and penalties are split in half. And it is true that the first thing to do is take it out on the closest person. Once taken this step, you will see that you've taken a great weight off and from that moment everything will start to get better.

Parasites that irritate and inflame the intimate zone.

Not all irritations vulva or the outer lips are produced by bacteria, fungi, virus or an allergic skin reaction. Another factor are the parasites. The most common, from least to most are:

Vaginal trichomoniasis. It is a very common parasite. An STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) is considered. So an easy way to avoid infection by using condoms passes and not have many sexual partners.

Among the symptoms are the most common vulvar itching, irritation, burning sensation, swelling of the vaginal area and inflammation of the hair follicle. It also tends to detach a stream with an unpleasant odor. Treatment will consist of certain drugs, but more importantly, it is done as a couple.

Pediculosis pubis. Also known as pubic lice or simply "crabs". It is the second most common parasitic infection. This is a insect that sticks to the hair zone where it acts as a parasite that stings the skin to get a little blood meal to feed. Usually easily reproduced and their offspring are called "nits". It is also spread by sexual transmission, by contacting the hairy areas.

Among the symptoms, the most common are a great itchy vulvar area. Sometimes the itching is so intense that damage occurs by strong scratching. Moreover, they unequivocally have this parasite is observed with the naked eye, so it is easier to diagnose and treat. The treatment consists of applying specific shampoos and following the instructions indicate.

Oxyuriasis. An infection that usually occurs in children. They produce a strong itching in the anus and through scratching can reach the entrance of the vagina. They are found in the rectum and overnight deposit eggs in the anus.

Symptoms, tiny worms seen in faeces and there are very effective medications to treat them.

Parsley for urinary infection

There are foods who have some power as antibiotics are garlic, onion or lemon, and that we can use to attack an internal infection simply taking them from time to time. In some remedies displayed on the website, we have already used several ... But in this post we can dip into a new remedy that is prepared with parsley, a plant that has some power and antibiotic taken regularly, eliminate urine infection, either cystitis, urethritis or pyelonephritis.


1 cup water
 2 teaspoons parsley.

Cut parsley into small pieces and pour into a small saucepan with water. We boil and let boil for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then retire and sneak. We can sweeten to taste.

 Take half tea ready before bed and the other half to get up fasting. This for 4 days straight.

Do not take if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant soon.

Blood in the urine

The presence of blood in the urine is called hematuria and can be classified as microscopic or gross hematuria. Microscopic when the amount of blood in the urine is so small you do not see with the naked eye and macroescópica when there are so many that it can be observed at a glance.

Hematuria occurs in both women and men, and the causes may be the same except that the source of the blood is produced by a condition in the prostate.

The causes can be found:

Remains of menstruation. Sometimes , and especially following the withdrawal days and during the days of ovulation may be emitted traces of blood that can be combined with urine. In these cases it is painless and usually coincides with the dates indicated.

Cystitis and urethritis. Probably the most common cause . In these cases , blood in the urine may be accompanied by itching, redness and burning when urinating .

Pyelonephritis or kidney infection. These infections are often more severe and symptoms can be found between back pain and discomfort and weakness and fever. Also often accompanied by symptoms similar to those of cystitis and urethritis symptoms.

Kidney Stones . When stones or gravel in the kidneys , they often suffer from painful cramps in the area. And especially when urinating.

Glomerulonephritis. It is an inflammation of the filtering zone of the kidneys, it can be caused by a viral or bacterial disease , and is more common in people with diabetes.

Bladder cancer and kidney . Weight loss , fever , nausea , weakness and other symptoms accompany this disease dream . It usually occurs in people over 50 years.

Treatment for hematuria will therefore depend on the origin of the blood. It can range from antibiotics to shock waves to break kidney stones. In any case, it is the doctor who must indicate treatment. However, mmientras therefore intake more water you are always right and do not drink alcohol or drink irritants as coffee is suitable whatever the cause.

Bartholin's cyst, symptoms and remedies.

Called Bartholin's cyst to inflammation of the Bartholin's glands. These glands are the size of a pea and is located on both sides of the vagina and its function is to lubricate the lips to promote sexual function.

Inflammation of the Bartholin's glands occur when due to obstruction of the outflow conduit glands pour the liquid can not be produced and inflating. Typically, the inflammation of these ducts by infection of these, produced by bacterial infection generally occurs E. bowel coli or Staphylococcus aureus.

Among the most notable symptoms of Bartholinitis find pain. Severe pain that can even still feel a simple touch or walking.

The way to solve the problem of infection is therefore the pathogen attack.

First, maintain proper hygiene is necessary. So avoid future infections. And eating less sugar also helps maintain proper pH.
Gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases can also cause infection. We must bear in mind that most infections occur mostly between 20 to 30 years. Most fertile age and sexual maturity.
When the causes are bacterial infections, it is best to go to the gynecologist to prescribe an appropriate antibiotic us.

Take a shower ... do not take a bath

It is true that it is very pleasant to take a bath with hot water and certain salts relaxing. But if we cystitis urinary tract infection, it is advisable to leave this aside and for a time, it is preferable to change the bathe for showers.

Actually, showers, as well as being more environmentally friendly, clean better our body. Better than a bath.

When we bathe, and we have an infection, it is likely that the genital area to stay wet longer, something totally unadvisable if the infection is mainly due to fungi (such as Candida). Think about that for a time, these perfect conditions for propitiating this fungus develops humidity and heat. Moreover, in a shower are best removed by bacteria and fungi.

Moreover, if we add the bath salts, probably these can irritate the genital area. Although salt itself is not bad for the infection, it is true that after the bath, the effect of drying the skin and may affect a sensitive and irritating it. The oil also are advisable and in general for any perfumed product. Better hygiene products soft, neutral, especially for the area.

IMPORTANT: Dry the area well after the shower or bath. Humid zone yourself worsen the infection.
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